Q1. Is AeroTable applicable to all the in-flight tables?

A1. Yes, it is. Since the tongs which combine in-flight table with AeroTable can correspond more than 1.2 inches(31mm) thick, they are unaffected by the thickness of in-flight table. Also, due to combination of AeroTable and tongs as fixed at both edges of in-flight table, tongs are unaffected by width of in-flight table.

Q2. Would tongs be slipped when combining with in-flight table?

A2. No concern about it. Silicone pad is attached to the cross section of tongs where it meets in-flight table. As you can check GIF image below, although a can of beer stands vertically, it readily withstand the weight. Moreover, it does not slipped though tapping it by a hand. The AeroTable has strong resistance force which is enough for you to use on the flight.

Q3. Does the AeroTable withstand heavy weight?

A3. Yes, it does. As shown in the picture below, the AeroTable readily endure the weight of six cans of coke. Trust the sturdiness of AeroTable and there would be no problem with enduring weight when you put the in-flight meal.

Q4. Is the AeroTable portable?

A4. Yes it is. As shown in GIF image below, the AeroTable is designed in folding type. Elevate the portability by folding in half when you store or carry the AeroTable. It probably can be carried by storing in your small bag.

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