AeroTable was first conceptualized in 2017, by a team of mechanical design engineers and product design engineers. The goal of the team AeroTable is to create new inventions and cool products for a better comfort in our lives.

The team AeroTable discovered the problem that the space of in-flight meal is cramped since the in-flight table is cramped as well. To get more space, the product planning of AeroTable was started.


The 1st generation prototype which is designed to solve the problem above was tested in the actual flight. A bevy of problems found in the 1st generation prototype were improved through the 2nd generation prototype. The 2nd generation prototype was tested in the actual flight as well and it was the moment of deciding the final design. The AeroTable which the team AeroTable devoted themselves to be devised made flight more agreeable and the team AeroTable begun Indiegogo Campaign to share those benefits with everyone.

"We all know that the economy seats are really cramped. Everyone suffers much inconvenience when they have in-flight meals. Not only during the meal time, but the AeroTable makes your entire flight more comfortable by offering its various functions," remarked AeroTable Founder and CEO, Minjun Kim.

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